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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Steve Carell Interview

The Onion's entertainment section, A.V. Club, has an interview with former Daily Show correspondent and star of the new movie 40-Year-Old Virgin, Steve Carell.

The A.V. Club: So, you're a big movie star now.

Steve Carell: Oh, yeah, right. I don't know about that, but man, this is all very surreal. Seriously, it's all very strange and surreal.

AVC: A good place to start would be at the beginning: Were you a funny guy growing up?

SC: No. Not at all. I tend not to be someone who's on all the time, or is always trying to make other people laugh. Because my wife [Nancy Walls] was on Saturday Night Live, and she's very smart and funny, people sometimes ask whether our home life is a continuous laugh riot, and it couldn't be further from that. We enjoy each other, we make each other laugh, but it's not George Burns and Gracie Allen banter constantly. It's changing diapers and chasing kids and... you know. We're very normal.

AVC: You're just an average everyday Joe?

SC: Just an average, everyday person with servants.

AVC: They take care of your children so you can feel free to—

SC: I have all the photo ops with my children so people perceive us to be very hands-on. You have to pick your moments.

The rest of the interview

The Onion also features a newly designed Web site, akin to the straight forward layout of serious publications like the Washington Post and NY Times.

They've also opened up free access to their online archives, previously a subscription service.


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